Don't Tell Me

August 9, 2010
By lovely1991 BRONZE, Whitesburg, Georgia
lovely1991 BRONZE, Whitesburg, Georgia
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Don't tell me not to cry because I already did
and not to be surprised
but it wasn't for the first time
Don't tell me not to feel pain
because I do
you filled the empty space in
my heart so I thought I was in love with you
Then everytime repeats its last
when you walk out and yet again
we are apart
Each day feeling more and more
like dayjavu
Bcecause you remind me of the past
you are the one that doesn't want to stay
Don't tell me you love me
if you're going to have another one
of your days and forget about us
Tell me what man leaves his girl alone
every weekend
Then when she calls he acts as if
he can't pick up the phone
You always knew how anniversary's and birthday's mean the world to me
And each year you do the same
Ignore them like you do everything
then i'm left, yet again, taking this blame
asking myself, what did I do
so terrible to deserve this hurt
Don't tell me you did nothing wrong
Because you did
You left me one time too many
now it's my turn to leave
feeling like I will never again trust a man
especially with this broken heart

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