Warrior in the Storm

August 9, 2010
I stand a warrior in the storm,
The wind whips all around.
Raindrops fall in a perfect swarm,
As fire flashes down.
I brace myself; I will not yield,
Dark lightning hits the ground.
They will not pass my strong-forged shield,
Whilst thunder rumbles ‘round.
I have a special power.
God hears a desperate cry.
And through the rain he whispers
His soul-saving reply:
“I will never leave you.
Even in this storm I live.
I am always with you.
Joy’s strength to you I give.
You have remembered me in struggle
Though storms rage all around
You trust me in the battle
You will not be struck down!”
Though I stand alone embattled
I will not run from here.
For if my God is with me,
Whom then shall I fear?
I stood a warrior in the storm.
The darkness did not win.
The fury of the evil horde
Was tainted by their sin.
When Hell conflicts with Heaven
And Dark comes to destroy,
God always proves the stronger,
Dross cannot surpass joy.

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