The Hummingbird Prophecy

August 9, 2010
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Beest as it may
I am like the hummingbird
Condemned to spend my life
Without consent or words

But hummingbirds like sentient man
Have ovelying thoughts and desires
Despite the size of its physical brain
And the shortness of its hours

It flaps its wings restlessly
And feeds upon the flowers
to consume the ensweetened nectar
Refurbished by spring showers

It lives its life in metronome
And harms no other creature
Its busy passive lifestlye
Is an enlightening tell-tale feature

They derive in all colors
A testament to nature's beauty
With the aid of the bounty of Mother Nature
It performs its feeding duties

But hideous ovewhelming crows
In the form of Lucifer's angels
Hunted the delicate avian
With their ugly mouths, hummingbirds bodies the entangled

But a glorious shimmering light
In the form of god on high
Bested the demonic birds
And restored peace by-and-by

But alas! And behold!
The crows have made their theft
The forest is all barren
No humminbirds are left!

But look! But look!
That Overgrowth
It still remains
Free of the crows wroth

In that dense foliage
A hummingbird thrives
Progeny of its bested kin
Perhaps it will survive...

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