'I Love You'

August 8, 2010
By Anonymous

I didn't know when I started to fall in love with you,
but I knew that it was painful.
It was painful to hear you talk about a girl you love so much,
to hear you say she's beautiful and perfect.
I lightly nodded to your words,
thinking how I can never be that girl.
I tried to tell you how I felt about you ever since sixth grade,
but I knew you would never be able to fall in love with someone like me.
I tried to picture you and her together,
then I pictured myself on the side, happy on the outside but dying on the inside.
When I asked if I could know who this girl was?
All you replied was 'Someone I knew for a very long time.'
The next day I saw you with a beautiful girl,
with dark hair flowing down her back, soft brown eyes.
I saw you wave me over,
as I went over I heard you say 'I want you to meet someone.'
I thought I could be calm about meeting her but when I looked up,
tears began to fall down my hot,flushed face.
I realized I was crying and I saw your worried face,
but all I could say was 'I wish you two happiness.'
I ran away from you for the first time since sixth grade,
I began to wipe the tears from my face, but more kept coming.
I heard you calling after me,
but I couldn't look back, worried that my eyes would betray me again.
As I ran, I tried picturing my life without you by my side,
when I couldn't, I came to a halt and i looked back.
I saw you running, out of breath and sweating,
and as I thought my tears began to fall down again.
I didn't know whether it was happy tears or sad tears,
once again I saw your worried expression.
I started to smile, smiling because I knew I would still love you,
no matter if you loved me or not.
As you reached me, I was prepared to tell you my feelings.
but instead you took me in your arms and hugged me tight.
I didn't know whether to be happy that you were hugging me,
or sad that when this hug was over you would take me to meet her.
The hug that seemed to last for a long time ended,
as I pull away, I saw your face and you were crying too.
I asked you what was wrong?
your reply was, 'If the one you love ran away from you, would you cry?'
I looked at you puzzled,
I saw you laugh at my expression.
You told me 'I love you, so please don't run from me again.'
My tears began to fall again,
but this time I knew it was happy tears.
I heard you ask, 'Can I know your reply?'
this time all I could answer was 'I love you too.' and you took me in your arms again and we hugged sharing a mutual bond.

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