Total Jerk

July 26, 2010
By Anonymous

You look at me, hatred sharp in your eyes,
You open your mouth, and I brace myself - for the sharp sting of lies,
The things you say are awful, please tell me this isn't real.
You hate me, you don't see, You couldn't care less how I feel.
You stare at me with so much hatred, I don't know what to say,
You make me cry - I want to die, you wouldn't care either way.
I'm just a little baby, it doesn't matter what I think,
The more you talk, the more you mock - the more my heart sinks.
After your words have crushed me, you walk away - satisfied with your work.
Hard as I try, I start to cry...
Because you're such a TOTAL JERK!

The author's comments:
It only takes one person to destroy you.

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