The Season: Fall

July 26, 2010
By SeaIsle BRONZE, Collegeville, Pennsylvania
SeaIsle BRONZE, Collegeville, Pennsylvania
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"Horse's, garunteed to love you forever and show you magic better then any boy can."

Red ruby leaves and burgundy browns
Fall to the ground with out a sound
It just might be the windiest of them all
Yes everyone its the season of fall

The wind whispering its sweet song through the air
The wind like a broom sweeping everything here or there
The kids take turns jumping in piles of leaves
Raking them up is one of dads pet peeves

The warm juicy turkey on the middle of the table
and for once in our lives everything should be stable
As we gather around to say a prayer
I'm just lucky I have people who care....

The author's comments:
A writing project for English class

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