The Light That Doesnt Shine

July 26, 2010
By XxXDattaBayoPoetxXx PLATINUM, Wylie, Texas
XxXDattaBayoPoetxXx PLATINUM, Wylie, Texas
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"The look that he gives her....its not the same as before...does....does this can change people??? & can i experience the same feeling...if only...." ~Tyler Hooser

In these four walls,
heavens light doesnt shine down on me.
I was calling for you,
the only one who could have saved me...

Instead of saving me from this cage,
you just locked me further in this place.
I once thought you could have set me free,
but im a caged bird in this world...

I dont want to be the one,
left alone in this room.
You have lied to me,
for the very last time...

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