test that which you don't know.

August 4, 2010
By Mr.Brightside BRONZE, Madison, Wisconsin
Mr.Brightside BRONZE, Madison, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
"It is better to have loved and loss then to never have loved at all."

a poem of deep thought
doesn't rhyme
doesn't have a beat
but it still means something
i guess i try now this idea
but still i wonder if its the same
for if i write just thought
is it symbolic at all?

I try now imagery

you see now in the grass
the stalking coiled rope
it slides with thought
its frays taste the air
it may chills you to your bone
but it fears you more
it lives to feed and feeds to live
not evil not harmful
but you scream at it still
the rope does not understand your fear
but it slides away to seek out other ropes
back into the green garden
back into its den
back into slumber

I try now one word connection


I try syllables

burn mighty fierce might tree
your wood your leaves give us warmth
so we may live on

I try now senses and rhyme

you hear it then feel
you smell it then you see
you aren't quite sure
what is seems to be
you see it blue
you hear it soft
you smell it salty
you feel it move
you feel it smooth
it rocks and sways
its open and vast
you see it every way
it reminds you of the past
its the sea open and serene
its the sea you see
its kind and mean
and it means a lot to me

The author's comments:
this is just to show a few of the MANY types of poetry I tend to make mine rhyme so this was one I wanted to make to see what else I could do.

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