Love Sucks sometimes

July 25, 2010
By , Mapleton Depot, PA
I can't believe you have to think,
You have to think about this,
What did I do to make you change?
What did I say to make you feel this way?

We've changed the way we feel
My world began to reel
Why, oh why did you have to go
and leave me here all alone

Maybe I'm better off
and maybe you should just shut up
This crap that you're giving me
It's all a lie to me

Now you say you want me back,
I have to say I'll think about that
Why should I go back to you,
when all you did was throw me away?

I'm through with this game you play
The back and forth needs an end
So I'm gonna end it all right now
I'm never going to take you back

Everytime I go back you break my heart
so I'm going to breaks youre for once
It'll be quick unlike what you did
which doesnt seem very far to me

I'm hapy now we'er done
you can say how much you miss me
but nothings gonna change
I've found where I belong

I'm sure you're wishing I was yours,
I wouldbe if you hadn't hurt me
but I've got someone better now
Someone who doesnt play with my emotions

I cry less at night,
I laugh more with him,
he hold me tightly
and he kisses me softly

Do yo see what you have done?
Youve pushed away from you
and now I'm happy with someone else
how does that make you feel?

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