Two Houses

August 5, 2010
By Elijah Deyett BRONZE, Candia, New Hampshire
Elijah Deyett BRONZE, Candia, New Hampshire
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I sleep to hold back tears to see my fears released inside of me
Running away from everything you say hoping one day I’ll see
The masks are on I won’t be a pawn in your old dying chess game
Spare me the talk and I’ll just take a walk it always ends the same

If I stay in here there is nothing to fear nothing to remind me of you
Locked inside my head wishing I were dead nothing more that I can do
Two houses I might possess it’s just a mess unable to find a home
Shipped back and forth that’s what I’m worth forever doomed to roam

The lies I detect it’s no secret you think I wouldn’t find out?
I’m no longer four I can’t ignore I know what you’re all about
I guess you ate all that hate and decided you where all done
Moving on wasn’t hard neither scarred a battle never won

I saw my heart slowly ripped apart kept quiet throughout the years
I stuffed them down but soon I found there was truth within my fears
And in my dreams you’ll hear my screams as tears began to fall
Trapped all alone a life with no home and suddenly I’m not at all

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