The war: Society

August 5, 2010
By UpNcomin BRONZE, Laurel, Maryland
UpNcomin BRONZE, Laurel, Maryland
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Through the hardships
People still thrive
Through the wars
People still survive
We are strong
But this has gone on
Way too long
We hate each other
For whatever
We envy greatness
And shoot them down
So who stands tall?
When everyone can barely crawl
And who decided to call you
Judge; of when someone dies?
Cause everytime you shoot
Another mother cries
It's not just the gangsters
or the haters
or the fakers
It's all of us
Why do we
Hurt ourselves so much?
Do we see
the pain and hardships
Or is it just that
we don't care
Because it's all society's
Way of saying
That some are just left off there
Cold and not aware
Society didn't make you
But it does hate you
The war's still going on
No meaning, no purpose
The war is only meant to
Hurt us
The war is still going strong
Did we do this to us?
Did we do this to us?
Did we make us hurt?
Can we heal?
Proving us strong
once again
Or will society
Break us down
Once again

The author's comments:
Just thinking that society is crazy.

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