Eva Thought

September 26, 2007
By Erin Graham, Colorado City, TX

Eva thought a thought
That she had never
Thought before.

It went through
Her head and
Turned everything
On ends. How could
She ever have thought
This thought?

This thought wasn’t
New but certainly
Not old. It was familiar
In every aspect. Yet
How, Eva had
Never thought it before.

What could such
A thought be that
Had never been thought

Was it big or small?
Tall or short?
Ingenuous or ambiguous?
Plain or Intricate?

The thought that Eva
Thought eluded her for
A time. It seemed so strange,
That she needed rearrange
All of her thoughts
Because she was caught
In the middle of it all.

In the middle of a thought
That had never ever been sought
Let alone thought before.

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