My Book

September 26, 2007
By Sasha Gober, Pleasnt Valley, NY

My Book

I think I’ll write a book
Maybe when I’m finished you’ll have a look
One glance will show you my soul
I’ll let you in if you will pay the toll

What will I put in this book?
O all the marvelous thinks that people took
Things they took away from me
Like my heart & soul: those use to be free

I’ll write of my life
Maybe I’ll call it lies behind a knife
Why you may want to know
Came follow me, you I shall show

Here is Sally and my old doll house
Look inside nope not a mouse
An old knife covered in blood
Enough red to cause a flood

What did I use it for?
Jump inside I’ll show you more
Walk inside the room 2 doors to the right
But make sure you’re quiet as night

Yup that’s the one see me on the floor?
That’s my blood coming out
What don’t you like gore
You don’t like it when I shout

Wait why you are running
Don’t leave me behind
What if I stop talking?
Will you stay, will you stop to find

The real me the one I hide
I won’t say a word, I really don’t mind
O a present what’s that
A funny looking jacket and a strange hat

The jacket, where do my arms come out?
Why does this hat restrict my face so that I can not shout?
What’s this funny room, there’s a soft ceiling, walls, and floor
Why have we stopped my tour?

The windows have bars the doors locks on the other side
Is it in this room I am to reside?
Spending my days thinking
Myself identity shrinking

Who do you want me to be?
A conformed member of society
Okay I’ll put down the knife
To you I hand over my life

To My Sanity

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