September 25, 2007
Be careful what you say
'Cause even the walls have ears
You have no control
Over who stays and hears

Sorry, darling, you misspoke
You knew it when you started to choke
She's listening and doesn't like what you've said
She weeps bitterly for the lies she's been fed

You've decided- gambled and lost
It's your turn now to pay the cost
Don't turn around and smile again
We know, it's a lie- and it's always been

So take care when you say
You don't want to stay
And you don't care anymore
And you never cared before

You've faked and lied
And you claim you've cried
And you say you'll mourn
But you're just waiting to be reborn

She knows it now
So don't stop her vow
To be unaided, unknown
When she could've shone

So be careful what you say
'Cause even the walls have ears
And you can't control
What she listens to and hears

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