I Walk Alone

September 25, 2007
The Forrest is dark
The path is non existent

I see no light around
He took all I held dear
I walk alone
Forrest all around me
Sounds of beasts surround me
Will I make it out of here?
With nothing but my torn clothes
Shattered dreams, crushed hope
Which way do I travel?
North East
South, west
I walk alone
With nobody to hear my pleas
No one to see my torn dreams
Nor to dry my tears
I Walk Alone
The journey will be long
I see that already
With no light to guide me
No path to lead me
No body to hear my cries
Will I ever make it out?
When will I see the world?
I knew once again
When will I feel?
Happiness fill my body
That feeling seems so far away
Like it’s lost forever
I Walk Alone
My hope may be crushed
But it has not died
SO I will travel this forest
Walk as long as it takes
Rebuild that which was stolen
I may walk alone
Misery may fill me now
But I will find my happiness
I will not forever walk alone
I will slay the beasts
Make a path, survive
Find the light
Dry all my tears
Piece together my dreams
Re-inflate my hope
I may walk alone
In a dark forest
But not forever will I stay
I will walk
And I may stumble
But I will find my way out
Get back my world
And all I had
I walk alone for now
But I won’t walk alone forever

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