Your Rise, My Fall

July 31, 2010
By ShadowRose SILVER, Orlando, Florida
ShadowRose SILVER, Orlando, Florida
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"This was because she knew few words and believed in none,
and in the world she was rather silent, contributing just her share of urbane humor with a precision that approached meagreness." -F. Scott Fitzgerald

When you rise, I fall.

I promise you I cried through it all.

When you hate, I love,

but you step on me 'cause your above.

When you cried, I smiled,

because your weakness is like a broken child.

When you heal, I bleed,

because you have taken what I need.

When you didn't like me, I loved you,

even though I knew we were through.

And when I rised you, you fell,

but I saved you just as well.

Even if I wasn't to blame,

I never wanted you in pain.

Love is strange and even when we don't get along...

I still protect you all day long

The author's comments:
It's sort of about if someone who you love hurts you, you somehow still want them back after that, and about being the better person and not trying to hurt them back.

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