Sadness in a Cheerful time

July 31, 2010
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I walk down the streets with my hands in my pockets.
I see houses laminated with Christmas decors.
Christmas displays in shop windows.
Looking up I see the emptiness of the trees.
The children throwing snowballs at one another.
I smile, reminisce on my own childhood, and keep walking.
Then I come to a frozen pond.
I see multiple couples, sharing their love as they skate together holding hands.
Guys showing off for their sweethearts, only to make them laugh at their mistake.
I begin to reminisce on the times me and my sweetheart spent together.
I all I saw was cloudiness.
I tried harder.
Still blank.
Then I come to the grim truth; a truth no one wants to face.
The truth that I never had anyone.
My heart begins to cry out, for it is being attacked by reality.
A tear slowly rolls down my cheek.
I wipe it off, and continue my walk.
“Almost home,” I tell myself, trying to ease the pain off my heavy heart.
I then stumble upon a military family.
The soldier and his wife embrace.
The soldier puts his little girl on his back and walks inside.
A shot of happiness and a glass of depression are in my possession and I gulp them down.
I get to my house, and I ring the door-bell waiting for a response.
I remember the grim truth and open the door myself.
For the first time ever, I notice the emptiness of my home.
No longer does my home serve as a safe point from the outside cruel world.
No longer does it save me from grim reality.
No longer can I escape to it to rid myself of loneliness.
I go to my relief cabinet in hopes of putting together a relief drink.
Something that will put me under and relieve me of my pain and suffering.
I was successful.

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