The Dance

September 25, 2007
By Jordan Wesley, McDonough, GA

-The breeze catches and goes through your hair, and just as suddenly your there
-Whirling, twirling gowns of white, you join in without a fight
-The flutes begin, dont make a sound, just keep twirling round and round
-The moon peeps through the shroud, and lights up the beautiful gowns
-Shh..quiet, don't make a sound, just keep twirling round and round
-The enchantment goes to your very heart, surely this is a work of art
-The beautiful people, the beautiful things, the very makings of your dreams
-The darkest of nights yet your not scared, you know your supposed to be there
-The ruler of them all steps through the shroud, and with him vanishes all doubts
-This is not a dream, no it has to be real, as real as the love for him you feel on sight, as you see him this cold winter night
-He is the prince, no the king, he is the ruler of all your dreams

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