Couldn't You See the Fear in my Eye

September 25, 2007
Couldn't you see the fear in my eyes,
Or me on the verge of white knuckling the steering wheel.
you forced me to drive, and I wasn't ready for winter.
The thought of black ice encircles my mind.
I turn on the stereo to drown out my thoughts.

A curve,
not knowing whats around the bend.
Nervousness takes over.
A deer,
quiet, graceful, deadly.

I slam on the brakes without thinking.
I see the back of the car swinging to the front.
Sliding off the road, i completely lose control.

Off the cliff we start to roll.
bones crushing, windows breaking,
into the water we plunge,
and to our watery depths we go..

Neither of us wanted this,
it could've been different.
And all i said was,
do i really have to drive tonight

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