Standing above the water

September 21, 2007
By Anna Marie Williams, Highland Village, TX

Standing above the water,
I am watching the man coming towards me,
Not taking my eyes as dull blue as the shade you find on the top of Lake Lewisville,
Off his appearance of non-solid colored eyes,
I stand alone where life has no meaning,
Like the white above the black in my ivory-white gown,
Deep chocolate brown mane of wavy hair,
Skin the color of golden brown autumn leaves,
Not like I’m waiting to see why I am important
To him between the buckle and the belt.
His onyx hair and wine lips,
Are such stark contrasts to his ghostly skin,
And his ivory combs are amazingly perfect white and straight.
He looks almost like a clone of Marilyn Manson,
But I have no words,
Since he has so many pitfalls
Yet so many flaws
Definitely not what I want to hear.
I shall not give a reaction towards whatever he decides to do next
It is neither for a drink of thy blood nor a simple hello
It is a too late ask for a lover
He tells me he loves me
I don’t say anything
Wind blows my locks all over the place
He brushes it off with his strong hand
wraps his arms tight around me
And I begin to loathe him
As he locks his wine stained lips
Onto my soft, moist ones as pale pink as a pig’s skin
Seems to go on for approximately three minutes
Then the head is drawn back
I haven’t changed one piece of my mind
I don’t need a lover
And neither does he
I am simply a normal girl so silent as if I was made out of solid stone
And no one will make me
Be gone with my sanity
Not even the man
Who asked for my hand

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