Broken whispers

July 28, 2010
By kaykear BRONZE, Greenbrae, California
kaykear BRONZE, Greenbrae, California
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Whispers cold in the churn of dusk
Dare she go another night?
With sudden tickles at her toes
Of sudden howling chills that plague her

Beckoning are her nightmares
When his pale face returns to greet her own
Does the oven burn the pie
As if he sears her heart with one glance

Life, once so prosperous,
Seems now beaten beneath lies and that of despair that lingers
Her soul is limp like that of a dead body placed upon a thin cold white sheet

The thicket of his voice, she dreams,
She is trying to outrun the maze it has woven
His breath trickles down her neck
A subtle reminder of her insanity
For he is not yet there, nor, she fears, will he ever be again

Such a vague smile that cast upon her face
When not a minute ago she was up to her neck in cheerful bliss
Sighing in and out used to be such a game
Almost now drawn in vain

His absence leaves her broken,
but how he loved her leaves her strong
It seems so hard but she must, though not want, to go on

The author's comments:
Inspiration: ex boyfriend. Once you dwell on subjects with a broken heart, you can come up with many lines that possess readers and amaze your audience. Upon this happening I transformed my buzzing mind into a poem that would express my empty feelings and burdened soul.

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