Nine levels of hell

July 22, 2010
By Henny GOLD, Kissimmee, Florida
Henny GOLD, Kissimmee, Florida
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EVOL is a beast

and i am ready for my feast

i traveled around the world

just to get a taste of your treats

i am too indecisive

i never want what i need

therefore i am in limbo

i'm to frightened to proceed

my appetite is BIG

it sways all my reasons

and i change love

like i pass through my seasons

i over indulge myself

but to me nothing is too small

i'm too selfish to share

& to cold to care , i want it all

squandering off of my good talents

would be my peculiar art

maybe if i applied myself

i'd be a litte smart

but in a sence i've lost my individuality

which has brought me to prodigality

& maybe if i get this off my chest

i wouldn't come off so depressed

but i lost my sparkle , midguided my shine

you must have mixed up your emotions with mine

i used to think differently with another mind

but i realized how quickly your judged & soon denied

i never intended for you to dissapprove of me

i just needed to see if there was more fight in me

Blasphemy , this has turned into a catastrophe

you amp'd up my temper & boosted up your tone

and the monster came out of me

with the thought of being alone

the more you cried

the more i lied

i loved to see that hurt

full proof liar beating through my shirt

i've already went through that hurt

and i've come a long way to say the least

love was never my cup of tea

i met infedelity at the reception

jotted down notes & listened intently

you see i came prepared for your deception

it tried to scoop me up but i turned it down gently

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