Leaves fallen off trees

September 21, 2007
Leaves fallen off trees
Are now covered in snow
And as I step I hear their crunch
I prod a leaf with my toe

Six feet deep
Does the snow lie
And gets deeper
As more falls from the sky

It’s a horribly cold time
As I walk along
Nothing but permafrost
I wait until it’s gone

I’m the hard working coal miner
Who’s blackened his lungs with hope
I’m the small snowflake
Underneath the microscope

I go indoors and hibernate
Waiting for the snow to melt
I make cocoa and lay in bed
Underneath fleece and felt

But nothing comforts
Even indoors
The warmth is as bitter
As the damn cold winter

I wake up and leave the house
The air feels colder
With every step I take
The air becomes bolder

I come to a cliff
With nothing below
But leaves fallen of trees
Now covered in snow

I found the place
Which will comfort me
I throw myself off the cliff
And down into the valley

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