Racism and Conflict

July 22, 2010
By westbraebear SILVER, M, California
westbraebear SILVER, M, California
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Favorite Quote:
"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The truth is here and the fact remains
Racism is here and it is going on
Over three hundred years and still going on strong
Murder and violence, and so much hate
It’s the year twenty-ten yet we still segregate

Slavery and oppression haven’t gone away
They are still here, they are here today
Racism is more powerful than wars and bombs
Remember Iraq, Germany or Vietnam?

The truth is here and the fact remains
Bigotry and prejudice will always reign
Profiling and internment is just the start
The start, things get serious when people change their minds and their hearts

It has never been about unity, always about race
And these are just some of the injustices we face
We can no longer ignore the inequalities before us
Injustices and discrimination, and the killing before us

Racism is a weapon, and a dangerous one too
It is more powerful than guns, grenades and knives
We may not always face pitchforks and mobs
But these words of hatred will pierce through the heart
A tank may last through a war or two
But words of prejudice will last centuries through

We may not be physically locked in chains
But through the hatred, these chains remain
We may not be sent to an internment camp
Yet through the days, we are kept fenced in

This is not an issue only in America
Racial tensions persist throughout Europe, Asia and Latin America
The truth is here and the fact remains
Racism wrongly rages on

This is no longer 1942
So when will we, stop hating the Jews?
When will learn to love and accept?
And wipe out the racists off the map
There are those who will deceive and promise “protection” for the land
Violent hate groups, gangs, and various clans

Imperfect and far from flawless
We are all people, that is true
Like Rodney King said,
Can we all get along
Without conflict, without battles, without doing wrong
We can do it, I know it, we just have to believe
To make this world more accepting for you and for me

It is time to address the issue head on
Without dropping fists, and without dropping bombs
We will walk, we will struggle
We will hope, we will pray
We are walking through the early hours of the night
And barely reaching day
A cloud of fog and a sheet of dust
We have lived through darkness
And never reached dusk
The truth is here and the fact remains
When it comes to racism, it is time to change the game

The author's comments:
From learning and reading about history to being placed into the world today, I see there are still many conflicts and issues of racism that continue to plague our society to this day. Violence is a daily occurrence, and so is hate. As a nation and as individuals, we need to be reminded that not everyone is being treated equally, simply because of the differences among us. I have faith that our generation will continue to grow and build as one, instead of being divided in two.

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on Mar. 10 2012 at 5:16 pm
Tornado Misha BRONZE, Ng, Other
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Je crois que c'était bien. :) Pas mon style, mais il y avait un bon rythme aux paroles. 

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