"From Our Mouths, We Bleed"

September 21, 2007
By Jordan Williams, Highland Village, TX

The lukewarm manifesto
Is coming in today
To drain your mind, to kill your thoughts
To siphon what you say

The shuffle of inaction
Has brought this shade of grey
I sit, and watch, and bleed, and ask
“What beasts are we today?”

The freight train streamline’s coming
How due we are to die!
Tied upon its rusted tracks
The lukewarm wave goodbye

If gravity should ever lull,
I’ll hear the world; it pants
For when this end of seasons comes
We’ll know our cans and can’ts

This mortal coil has tightened
We’re coaxed into its grip
The bait was wealth, the trap was work
I’ve given it the slip

The women were the first to die
The children followed suit
The men were left indentured drones
Still trapped beneath their boot

Make amends, impossible
For from our mouths, we bleed
We hide behind the sutured walls
And to our God, we plead

The lukewarm manifesto
Has come and gone today
Our minds are drained, our thoughts are dead,
We’ve nothing left to say

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