Love Memoir About A Star

July 22, 2010
By Devon Rosenblatt BRONZE, Roanoke, Virginia
Devon Rosenblatt BRONZE, Roanoke, Virginia
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Twas a maiden once before I've deemed worthy of a mention
Deserving a tale or two for she begot my attention
And I hers- a lover's tale- passersby chanced for a meet
Wooed and weighed and whisked away- sugar spice and viper's teeth
To this day I cannot name the guiles and tricks and games employed
None besides the most opaque- the power girls hold over boys
That she used to bend and break me- marionette- a child's toy

Twas her beauty tis her wit- fairest maiden I'm to know
That possessed as she caressed me near and not too long ago
Buried herself under my skin- like a pest abound in grace
Deeply burrowed behind my eyes so even now I see her face
None forementioned- before written- not a tale within the world
Can compare itself to this- the story of my maiden girl
Whose name from Grecian mountains rang and finally reached the mortal world
I'm to hear her name, evermore

At a damnéd ball we met, debaucheries of every kind
Vilest fornications, deprivations, drugs to warp the mind
Whirling dervish in the crowd- my wand'ring eyes betrayed my heart
Amongst the masses there she stood and there I chased a work of art
I felt her beckon- heard her song- the angels sang her name above
My body willed itself to move- the angels sang her name of love
Into madness I was thrust, and in a whirlwind I was shoved

She drew me close she drew me near and never let me go again
And brought me to another world, much different from the one we're in
And in this place, this grave of men, unknown to me we'd soon begin
I did not heed the warning signs- the unmarked graves and bones picked clean
No I was hypnotized by her steely eyes and how they gleamed
Headfirst i dove- hand in hand- with the goddess of the grove
Carbuncle of the forest, succubus, and prickly rose

Her beauty was a sight to see, as unmarred and pure was she
Enough to make all others cringe and cower in their jealousy
So there I stayed tied up in her- in our home down by the sea
Until one dark and frightful night- a storm a'brewing in the air
I heard the angels call again and looked above to see them there
And from their mounts in heavens high they plucked the light out of my eye
My Katherine they stole away and cast into the endless sky

I blindly wandered for awhile as sorrow hung about my head
And clouded all my judgments- playing and replaying all we'd said
To one another in our throes- to piece together what I'd done
To deserve such a punishment- to start with two and end with one
No sooner than the morrow's dusk did I discover quite a treat
Turning 'round to trace my steps I saw her face and heard her speak
And holding her I prayed twas not a drama I'd have to repeat

Alas my prayers all in vain- she came and left time and again
And with each time I felt our bond grow thinner as it weakened
For she grew evermore fleeting, she came and left much as the wind
With each departure I fell further, blaming myself for the worst
Deeper into the abyss- I saw her blessing as a curse
My angel was tied to her duty, all my words had no effect
And so I left- I cut my strings- limp and lifeless marionette
And so I left- a choice was made- a choice I will always regret
Dearest sweetest Katherine- I'll miss her forever yet—

In my mind and in my dreams- in the dark and in the light
I'll always know where to find you- in the sky, within the night

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