The Lone Rider

September 21, 2007
By Zack Hartzman, New City, NY

They call him the Lone Rider
He was quick and agile
Like the black widow spider
He rides alone

He rode his horse extremely fast
Going by people
As if nothing had past
He rides alone

No one ever talked to the rider
Or saw his face
But they have seen his horse run by as if it were in a race
He rides alone

He was spotted a couple of times at night
A black figure
Shown through the moonlight
He rides alone

He wasn’t good
You can just call him bad
He was a thief and liar and made everyone feel sad
He rides alone

He didn’t give to the poor
When he stole from the rich
He thought only violence and war
He rides alone

He rode his horse while wearing a black crown
He rides with power
Never with a frown
He rides alone

He rode through the city
And past through the town
Passing through the guards putting them all down
He rides alone

Any force that stood in his way
He took down with his sword
And escaped without delay
He rides alone

The rider was the King of Thieves
And an immortal
Some people believed
He rides alone

Then he was gone
Everything was right
He was never spotted again in the moonlight
He rides alone

He’s been gone for a long time
All that’s left of him
Is the Rider Shrine
He rides alone

Whenever something bad happens
It’s the rider that comes to mind
The thought of him holds you in a tight bind
He rides alone

Some believe he is still there
A ghost scaring all he can
With red eyes causing a deadly glare
He rides alone

You hear the galloping of the horse
Pass through your house
It seemed so loud even though it was as quiet as a mouse
He rides alone

Sometimes when he gets near the ground begins to quake
Bringing so much fear
You begin to shake
He rides alone

He moves too quick
To even see
We have to learn to let the ghost be
He rides alone

He’s never going to leave
He is always there
The ghost of the rider bringing nothing but despair
He rides alone

He’s quick and agile
Like the black widow spider
He was and still is the Lone Rider

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