This or That?

September 21, 2007
By Zack Hartzman, New City, NY

Every year there’s a holiday just for me
And I get a great gift
Some so big
That they are hard to lift

I get to choose what I want
But now there are two things I need
One with motion sensory
And the other with great speed
This or That?

I didn’t think this would be that hard
“Just choose one,” my mom said
“Yeah,” my dad agreed
This stress is making me want to be dead
This or That?

Why can’t I do this?
Why can’t I just pick?
This is so hard
And I’m starting to feel sick
This or That?

I really need to pick one
“Mom! Dad! Please help me”
“Which one?”
“The Playsation or the Nintendo Wii?”
This or That?

“Just pick,” my mom screamed
Then I realized that they didn’t say just one
“Mom! Dad!”
“Can I have them both?”

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