July 30, 2010
By AngelOfDaNight PLATINUM, Memphis, Tennessee
AngelOfDaNight PLATINUM, Memphis, Tennessee
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Favorite Quote:
The future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams.
--Eleanor Roosevelt

Trust you, you say. Believe me. . .it's ok!
Please I knew you were lying from day one.
I just wish I could start over,
And change what unfortunately begun.

How dare you say you care about me...then up and leave out of nowhere?
Don't come up to me now...not anytime in the future...because I will never care.
I don't want to see your lying face, hearing your voice makes me sick.
Lie and betray is something you may do to others, but not this chick.

Normally, I don't trust too often, but with you I gave it a shot.
It was so scary but I took that long walk in the dark.
I walked it alone. . .thought I had you by my side.
But when I got halfway through it, I realized that you had lied.

Trust you again?? I don't think I could.
Even if I could I don't think I would.
To let you cause pain in my life twice. . .shame on me.
But you can't blame a girl for wanting to live out her fantasy.

How many times have you done this before?
Because you seem like a pro.
Dang I wish I never let you in.
Now it's going to be hard to let you go.

I loved you more than anyone else could dream of knowing....
I'm walking away from this and I don't care where I'm going.
Far away from you is all that I could ever want and hope for.
Never will I look back and come looking for what will forever remain behind this door.

Look, short sweet and simple.
It's time to pop this relationship like a pimple.
I'm ready to begin the hard process of letting you go
But I thought before I did, I should let you know.

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