World at its peace

July 30, 2010
By Jesus94 BRONZE, Yakima, Washington
Jesus94 BRONZE, Yakima, Washington
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Looks, power and money that's all they seem to care about.
we're out here fighting for our freedom trying to create peace in this world we live upon.
i dream that one day & i hope one day to wake up and try my best to let this world be free from all the sexism, racism, wars, and hatred; i will soon walk in the path of happiness in the world uniting us together.
we live the life given we are given . are you brave enough to handle it or take the wrong way, or simply create a great difference on anyway?
i believe in a change that this world will be free, this world united, this world together, this world of ours no longer theirs but ours, united together we hold a strong power.
lets share the dream the life of changes; no more racist; spread the love and open up like brother and sister, sister and brother. like father and son, mother and daughter.
tupac once said "somethings will never change" i believe that they will.
look at the president we have today, but theirs no bouncing into race. letting freedom ring and share the love given upon us.
thinking they are harder better then others. look at how unique we are, we were made and created equally in the same way. all with hearts that beat, all with pain and emotions and all filled with dreams. is that all we are going to do blame each other? hating and killing one another?
some one step up and say something, in this world will have change, this world is capable of being the best we can. speak your mind for the world, be the difference in life.
impossible is not a word just a reason for us to try all things are possible with or without people by your side.
you yourself are capable of making a change; creating peace, love and comfort to humanity. there are dreamers and breakers, leaders and followers we can't let them hold us back lets make a change for all of us to be free.
a change that will have an ending till we'll all live in pace for eternity.
if you really knew everyone you would know the life we have some lived the many struggles we have faced let us all be free.
let us unite, love, respect and achieve our goals.
it all starts off with a simple change!

The author's comments:
i was listening to christian music. noticing that a lot in this world was going on, i thought we needed a change in our world.

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