Please Daddy

July 30, 2010
By writemelovepoems BRONZE, Placentia, California
writemelovepoems BRONZE, Placentia, California
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"Please Daddy," the little girl would plead
"I just want to be a dancer,
Its what I really need,
Please change your answer."
With her big, brown eyes
Her smile turned into a frown
Her tears of such a big size
He hated letting her down

She came home from dance
Her knees all bruised and her elbows all red
"I tried to do it and give it a chance,
But I almost hit my head,
Daddy, I want to be a soccer player,
Please, please let me be,
I'll say a goodnight prayer,
If you promise to agree."
He saw it in behind her tears
How much she wanted this
To disappoint her brought up his worst fears
So he bent down to give her a kiss

After her first soccer game
She came home all muddy
Her head hung in shame.
He looked up from his study
"Daddy? I don't like soccer at all,
It's too hard to play, kick, and
I fell down over the ball.
This didn't go as planned.
I want to be in sales,
I can run a lemonade stand,
I'll work out all the details,
It will be grand."
He closed his book
And at his little daughter
He gave one long look
Then from her eyes there was water

He watched his little girl
Setting up her table in the yard
She gave her pitcher a swirl
And put up a price card.
But down the street
There was another stand
Where the lemonade was sweet
So again, things didn't go as planned.
When she came inside
She was quiet and slow
"At least you tried,"
He said as he looked at her below
"What do you want to be now?
You can go drive some fast cars,
Or make a new vow
To go to some new stars."
The girl shook her head
"No daddy, not anymore.
I'm tired of doing those things
And I'm even a little bit sore
I want to now spread my wings
To fly up high to my new dream
Which, please don't be sad,
But I just want to eat ice cream
And be with my dad."

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