People are always passing you by

September 21, 2007
By Amanda Cooper, New City, NY

People are always passing you by,
Even when you don’t know who they are half the time,
They look at you and you at them,
You turn around and then they’re gone,
You probably won’t talk to them and they won’t talk too,
Even when they’re in your classes you still don’t say a word,
They might even sit next to you but you are too afraid to say something and they are too,
They might ask you like, what’s this math problem, or what does this word mean,
But they will never just sit and talk and ask how your weekend was,
One day, 20 years from now, you will look back on that 9th grade year and say,
Wow, I was stupid to not talk to that girl because look at her now,
She could have been such a great friend,
One day you will run into her at a random place like the supermarket,
You still feel that nerve whether you should talk to her or not,
You finally decide to do it and go up to her,
You remember her and she remembers you and you start to talk,
You make plans to see each other and you feel great that you did it,
One day 40 years from now you will be grateful that you ran into her that day,
Because if that never happened you would never have had,

A best friend like her.

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