The Leaves of Autumn

September 21, 2007
By Lara Bower, Springfield, MO

Autumn has begun.
It is a breath of fresh air, the
crunchy leaves swirl in our hearts.
Red and orange hues splatter the
canvas that the ground has become.
Bright orange pumpkins start to shiver
as the earth begins to cool.

Grandpa rakes the leaves, but he stops
to wipe sweat off
his brow. A little girl watches
her Grandpa toil
in the crisp Autumn sun.

Squirrels start to scamper freely among
the tall oak trees.
Soon, drops of rain begin to fall,
like teardrops on a sorrowed face.

Suddenly, the biting wind of Death screams
and the girl sees her Grandpa fall.
The clouds are sad, and so is the child.
Tears start to dry
upon her face.
She will remember him
until Death leads her
down a path with no end.
Pero la vida empezar√° otra vez. (But life will begin again.)

And the squirrels dance
around the tall oak trees.
And the leaves of autumn
swirl through the air.

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