Should I Be Sorry?

September 21, 2007
When I push;
All my sensitive feelings aside
I realize
You’re the one who always lied.
Who was that girl
Who was she
Was she that important
Was she, that much
Better than me?
I’m sorry,
To put it that way
But, I don’t know
I don’t know what else to say

I thought you missed “us” Baby
I thought -
You missed the warmth
Of being around me;
You said - you felt sorry and sad
For treating me so bad
You told me that you would wait
But now,
It’s just a little too late.

I never wanted to move on
Or, say those dreadful goodbyes
Could you not see all that
In my glistening eyes?
You’ve been playing
With my heart
Like a sponge
From the start

I built a bridge
You tore it down
I felt safe on the shakiest ground;
You kept me,
Standing in line
You could have been mine

Love just doesn’t stop
It’s like the fizzle in a pop!
Love just doesn’t quit
As soon as it gets hit
Especially after four years

That’s all I think about
When I cry,
I cry all these salty tears

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