September 20, 2007
By syrrita jones, Roswell, GA

To a dad that calls me a day before my birthday
Gives me lame excuses why and goes on about his day
I always wanted a daddy to buy me cute little toys
And a dad to chase away those knuckle head boys
One day your going to see me beautiful, talented and rich
And then you'll feel the pain i felt when you called my mom a b****
There's alot of things in my life i want to be
You know, theres alot you forgot about me
Did you forget that im 16 and about 5"2
My favorite color is red and i look just like you
I love you for a minute, and it lasted for a while
But what kind of man would moleste his own child
So you just stay where you are and i'll be happy
But i'll never forget that i had to live my whole life without my daddy
did you

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