The Business

September 20, 2007
By Sarsten Noice, Kalispell, MT

In this business,
this business of heart,
we seek the truth
from where others have found it -
we watch.
In this business,
I’m powerless to start,
but start I must -
growing from it.

Storms start as nothing,
Grow and don’t stop.
What was a breeze
Is now no longer.
Now it is steady, as am I,
But more forceful will it grow -
Who am I to know.
Some hope for it to blow forever.
Some watch to see if it will die out.

But in this business,
This business of thought,
I, the thinker
must think.
With paper and pen,
I think as thinkers do.
Like those around me,
I watch
and listen,
hoping to
and hear,
something -
something to inspire

But what would you say
inspires a storm?
For they don’t just blow
for their own amusement -

They, like I,
are in the business.

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