Invincible to Truth

September 20, 2007
By Megan Serrie, Highland Village, TX

small boy running around the house,
brown hair, blue eyes, curious face,
young; innocent; adventurous;
bare skin and Superman undies,
dodging every obstacle,
he runs, rampages, and rolls,
catching the edge of the side table.
The beautifully brilliant blue lamp
Tumbled, falling from its podium,
With horror he cries and confesses,
“I didn’t do it!”

teenage boy driving his parents car,
clean leather, polished dashboard, new car
older; immature; reckless;
checks his reflection in the mirror,
hair gelled to straw,
diamond earring in one ear,
golden Rolex on his wrist,
he runs the red light
causing a catastrophic collision
while confessing to the cops,
“It wasn’t my fault!”

husband of one he supposedly loves,
clean shaven, full wallet, perfect job,
experienced; mature; secure;
wearing the finest Armani suit available,
tailored to precise measurement,
sparkling studs sit in his cuffs,
comes home to magazine cover wife,
kisses her cheek with slight affection,
she expresses her knowledge of other women,
sighing he confesses,
“I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

I am like these three, we are a part of this human nature,
Entangled in our web of lies like flies in the spider’s grasp,
We are self-centered, selfish,
Never caring about consequences.
Perfect examples of our stereotypes,
We think we are the exception,
Invincible to truth.
Irrational; irresponsible; insecure;
We hide our flaws with our lies,
Never owning up for our mistakes
And pretending it never bothers us,
But when we think back…
It haunts us eternally.

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