The Lonely Bride

July 19, 2010
By LoveJesus BRONZE, Ashland, Oregon
LoveJesus BRONZE, Ashland, Oregon
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It was a bright, beautiful place
She hoped, thought, she dreamed
Thinking of a particular face
There was no one for her, it seemed

She saw him standing from afar
A handsome fellow there
A dazzling shooting star
To talk to him, would she dare?

Should she talk to him or not?
She didn't know what to say
But the sweet gentleman she sought
Then her heart only found dismay

Maybe he went with her instead
Sadly, she walked off in sorrow
She walked off and lowered her head
Maybe he'll change his mind tomorrow

Her blue flowing dress swayed
Her wavy hair laid upon her
She wore red lipstick that didn't fade
In the dark, her eyes only saw a blur

Her feet sat upon high heels
A tiara of silver upon her head
Oh what lose she feels
As she sees happy faces all ahead

She walked alone, a lonely bride
Lovely and beautiful but alone
She wanted someone at her side
She let out a sigh and woeful moan

She walked by the blue, trickling water
Pacing for a lover in the dark
Then someone called out “My daughter!”
At His word, she felt her heart spark

Jesus took her nail painted hand
And looked deep into her eyes
Her heart knew Him and His command
He knew her heart and its cries

My heart knew my master
He was there, He was near
It was fine when I thought it a disaster
He called me His love and dear

“My daughter, I love you”
“You are my love, all mine”
“Your joy, I shall renew”
“I'm your husband, great and divine”

“Why do you weep in your heart?”
“Why do you long after him?”
“Never from me will you be apart”
“When you see me, all else grows grim”

She looked back at the boy of her dreams
She put her focus back on her lovely Lord
Her heart was almost torn to the seams
It was only Jesus her heart adored

Only sorrow when she fixed her eyes on man
Only to be found with Jesus is true joy
Because He loved me before the world began
He's more satisfying and sweet than any boy

My heart had been discouraged
But I've come to say a simple word
To bring you to a place of being encouraged
Jesus is IT, whether it sound to you absurd

His love is better than all of life
His love is better than any man
He is my only true love and I His wife
He loved me before the world began

His love filled the depths and deep
His love satisfied a longing soul
Satisfying a heart that weeps
Completed me, every void and hole

Why do we long for an unfailing lover?
Its because we need someone who is that
And its the Lord, you will discover
Its serious, nothing to laugh at

His hands were nailed for you to the cross
Thorns were smashed into His head
To not be fully His is such a sad loss
For you His precious blood was shed

Fall in love with Jesus again
Don't fall for a man of sin

His love filled the depths and deep
His love satisfied a longing soul
Satisfying a heart that weeps
Completed me, every void and hole

The author's comments:
Jesus is the inspiration of my poem. He's always been there for me and been my true love throughout all of my life. Accept Him today!

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