Driver's Seat

July 19, 2010
By A.G.M BRONZE, Reisterstown, Maryland
A.G.M BRONZE, Reisterstown, Maryland
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I am sitting in my car
In the drivers seat
I am cruising down the road
My speed can't be beat
Don't know how fast I am going
Outside is a blur
Looking at my chair
Ugly, dull colored fur
Vertical stripes
Running up and down
My car is so low
I can feel the ground
I am getting kind of tired
Behind this wheel
Arms crossed at the chest
I lay my head down to rest

My eyes now close
Sleep gets to me
I can no longer fight the urge
I just want to be free
Then all of a sudden
The car is in the air
This I know because
I feel the wind in my hair

The windows are down
Clouds I see
Soaring in the sky
I know I am free
I am filled with so much glee
Then all of a sudden
My car now lands
On the hard gravel ground
This was not in the plans
The car is upside
This is a fact
At this very moment
I know I am trapped

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