The Sitting Priest

July 19, 2010
By A.G.M BRONZE, Reisterstown, Maryland
A.G.M BRONZE, Reisterstown, Maryland
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I am sitting in my private stall
I am trying to get away from all the calls
I ran away down the hall
I am tired
The people always crowd around me
They don’t give me enough room to breathe
I am sometimes just too sleepy
To bless them
I cannot always purge them from their sins
They measure themselves on how bad they have been
I took this job not knowing the downs
I just wanted to wear the crown
I wanted to be loved by many people
I wanted to be close to God
I wanted to talk to Jesus
I wanted to be the giver of the rod
I wanted to correct the wrongs
I wanted to hear the beautiful catholic songs
I wanted to hear the sweet, slow vibration of the gong
In the cathedral
My robe it drags down on the floor
I cannot do this anymore
My life has come to an abrupt close
When I die, where I will go? Who knows?
I prayed everyday
Read the bible too
I did good works
And it shows
Everyone sees me as holy and great
Some see me as a saint
I think I am about to faint
From all these masks I wear
The turmoil never stops
It is too much to bear

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