Old Memories

July 19, 2010
By A.G.M BRONZE, Reisterstown, Maryland
A.G.M BRONZE, Reisterstown, Maryland
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A photo album I see
Sitting on the desk
The first picture I remember
It was a time of less stress
My life was so simple
My life was so sure
All I had to do was be a kid
Nothing complicated
Nothing more
I was such a very handsome sight
Back in the day
Beauty came naturally
I was close to perfect in everyway
The pictures are not just happy times however
They also show grief
And they also show freight
I firmly believe that emotions are trapped
Inside of the photo paper
After the picture is snapped
Once I gazed upon each picture in the book
I absorbed the emotion
And took in each look
I saw tears and anger
Some mourning as well
The eyes of the people had magic
I was put under the spell
It seemed to me as if I was there
Witnessing the death
Or seeing the big bear
Each event very different
Each emotion diverse
The pictures are my gift
And also my curse

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