September 1, 2007
As I stare into the moon, I think of you, And when I do, I am overtaken with one loving embrace, Silver, Some wonder, "How can silver embrace you?" Well trust me, When you think of that special someone, That one person that makes you giddy with joyjust by walking in the room, That person shall emit to you a feeling, And the best way I can describe that to you is, Silver, Silver rushing through every tendon, muscle, vein, and cell in your body, Pulsing, Propeling you further into the light with each tantalizing thought, Making you wish that everyone would go away, Except for you and her, Making two souls one, Never allowing them to seperate, As she watches from behind those perfect, Glowing hazel eyes, Making you melt with every fleeting glance she gives you, Making you feel all fuzzy and giddy everytime you hear her voice, Her sweet, Succulent voice, The voice of an angel, One that will lead you to your every desire, Making you feel wanted, Making you feel loved, Making you feel.....silver, A wonderful feeling that consists of a rush of energy, A wave of calm, And a pulse of understanding, Silver, Find yours.......

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