Searching for the place

September 1, 2007
My past has moved here and there Drifting from place to place, Searching for somewhere to settle down, Lost in the middle of the wilderness The multiple ordeals of life Wrenching me from my orbit Newly as I have made it, Freely pulling me along in their little charade Parting me from whatever I owned or accomplished And IÕve simply been Searching, searching, Searching for the perfect place, The place where everything is right The place that the current has been leading me to And yanking me away from year after year Month after month But now, the current begins to steady, Slowing as it reaches its end Hesitant, and not ready to let go But it does anyway And my irresolute self beginning to slow down Beginning to realize that IÕm almost there That IÕve almost made it Beginning to get a grasp on life, Beginning to be the person IÕve longed to be.

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