If loving you is a crime

September 1, 2007
If loving you is a crime I guess that IÕll have to do hard time A girl like you is hard to find A girl that is just one of a kind ItÕs hard for me to show my affection When I canÕt even get over the fear of rejection Every time I pass by you I say hi But after that all I can do is cry I donÕt know how or why I let a chance like that just fly by There was just so much hesitation I didnÕt have the nerve to stat a conversation I couldnÕt even say this to you face to face But here I am writing to you at a steady pace I canÕt even believe itÕs real IÕm actually writing down how I feel I feel I deserve a second chance I think I deserve more than just a glance I did so much damage when I was bad The fact that I can go back and fix it is just so sad I canÕt ask you out itÕs just to soon But that doesnÕt mean I canÕt wish for it under the moon IÕm in love with an angel and she doesnÕt know it I want my love to be secret so I canÕt even show it!

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