No Fairytale

July 23, 2010
By Alli_Rose BRONZE, Stockton, California
Alli_Rose BRONZE, Stockton, California
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Favorite Quote:
"It's better to rise than fade away" Courtney Love-Reasons to be Beautiful

Life’s no fairytale
Not even close
But when I close my eyes
I see things differently
Reality disappears
And fantasy becomes real
Everything around me
Seems so perfect
But when I go to touch it
It goes up in smoke

In a fairytale
Love is almost magic
If love is real than why does the magic fade away
When I open my eyes
Is it possible that this love
Was never real
Just another fantasy
Oh why can’t I see the light

There’s no fairytale
Not this time
Life and people come and go
Some meant to stay
And others blow away
Lost in this broken fairytale,
Waiting for a reason to stay
Maybe it’s time to go
And leave this hollow place
Someday magic will be real,
And fairytales will come true

The author's comments:
This Piece is about realizing the truth between fantasy and reality. We all hope and dream of the perfect someone or the best friend that can read your mind, but don't let the fantasy over rule the truth.

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