Way out in the ocean

September 1, 2007
Way out in the ocean swims a little fish. Hoping to grow big and strong he makes a little wish. I wish that some day I will be a shark. No one can bother me when my teeth are sharp. That little fishy swam away hoping his dreams come true. But how will they fing me in the big old blue? I need to be seen from far far away. I guess near the surface is where I have to stay. This little fishy fell asleep at day. For that little fishy was warm in the sun's rays. Along came a fisher with a big old net. That little fishy woke up and didn't have time to fret. For that little fishy ate right through the net. Beware me I am strong and powerful and unique. Take those little pieces of net and go fish in a creek. I am an ordinary fish. Yes that may be true. But every fish must be strong to survive the big old blue.

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