September 1, 2007
Uncle Michael, are you a boy or a girlÓ My niece is 3 Wassup DudeÓ Jack my nephew is 7 I arrived Finally! The flight, Was Fine, Quick and easy!Ó is what I reassured my sister-in-law. We walked out to the car, and the warm, muggy air engulfed me, it felt like I Was Home Jack wouldnÕt leave me alone, It seemed To Me That I was his older brother that he never got to have. We drove



Neighborhoods of the EAST That I love so much With the English style houses, and the tight nit townships. As

we LoOk

out the windows of my Brothers
Suburban AKA. the Beast BUS,
i wondered at the familiarity of the vines and foliage, This foliage is not what we seen in boring old Utah On the way to Danny's G M A E, we stopped at Chilis J A C
K and Grace wouldn't stop doing their booty dance, and GRACE Made me feel her mucsles at lest 13 times Danny, my other brother's SON His team lost a nail biter, But it was still great to see he and his brother AIdan Ahh the joys of New Jersey

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