Bus Stop

September 1, 2007
Running for the bus Gone Missed it again Stare Aimlessly down At white laces and a chipped sidewalk Frustrated Watching the yellow blob turn a distant corner Jealous Of all the kids so comfortable in their seats Angry At whoever invented the alarm clock Though The wind Feels kind of nice against my face And the sun Not too bright So you can look into the light Appreciate it I walk Down streets IÕve often run down Realizing Where the flowers are overgrown And Where the rain hasnÕt washed the chalk off the sidewalk Everything So calm, so unchanging No cars or people No other sounds than the tap of my feet against the pavement The time Probably late for school But it feels like time has stopped And is standing with me Watching the wind blow the leaves off the trees And I canÕt believe I hadnÕt noticed such a wonderful thing ThatÕs what it was Wonderful

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