A Hunter`s Mistake

July 30, 2010
The wind rose; high-pitched
Sounds in the trees, I shivered
`What`s the temperature`

Nothing I could do
Limping, now stopping myself
``Nothing out there...`` WAIT!

Small eyes felt the gaze
Trying to probe:too painful
Suddenly, was gone

The cold survival
My mind asking ``Who is there``
Nothing but the silence

Now the sky was gray
Clouds dark and sagging along
Right at the Cliff`s base

A lit cigarette?
I had seen red in the Woods
Red flash among trees

The bowl-shaped cliff low;
Full of stunted evergreens
Showed a man in black

Man seated: in fact
At the side of the hollow
The man then looked up

Not a man;
Wearing a bright red headband
With long blond-silked hair

One last drag; red gone
He ground the butt in his heel
Smoke curled upwards; gone

He stood up, and walked
Grabbed a branch; narrow tip, broad
End; then walked onward

Paused, got on one knee
Pointing the branch right at me
Fearful, I ran

My lip trempling
Who knew a branch could shoot; I
Saw nothing but ground

The sound continued to ring
Silenced, quiet wood

I lay. He watched me.
Edges of the trickle froze
I glanced at the sky

Wishing I was free
Bonded by a dazed bullet
From this day: the last

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TheOcherousRodentia said...
Aug. 23, 2010 at 10:08 am
Sorry about the many mistakes, I typed it out in a hurry
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