The Necklace

September 1, 2007
Strolling down my block on a beautiful October day Toddlers playing in piles of green and orange leaves The sound of laughter and giggling A cool, pleasant breeze WhatÕs that sensational smell? Home-made apple pie I suddenly come across something very shiny lying on the dark, rigid road I tried to imagine what it could be A diamond bracelet or, better yet, a diamond ring I decided not to guess any longer, and to go and give it a look I could not believe what was in front of my eyes It was better than a diamond ring It looked like a necklace that I had when I was a little girl What are the chances that this is my old necklace?Ó I open up the chain carefully, and I see a picture of me when I was a little girl A tear drop rolls down my warm cheek

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